Raven's Rage Incarnate

This is an actual role play between two characters. Therefore it has not been edited from the original text as posted during the role play itself. So please excuse any typos and mis-spellings you may encounter.

Bayne BlackRose: ~Walking out into the courtyard, Bayne stretches his body and stares at the moon. Reaching up he removes the clasp from his hair and sets it down just by the door, making sure its somewhere it wont be dislodged or noticed by anyone. Walking towards the tree i the centre of the courtyard he slowly undoes his shirt, getting ready to practice some time as a Lycan,~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven set upon the wall, hidden by shadows, the moon was full and very close, she had been feeling it's pull all night and she decided to answer it's call, the moon always called to her, but this night it was different, it was stronger. She needed time alone, time to think. She watched Bayne approach, he had not yet noticed her, she crouched deeper into the shadows, not wanting to talk to anyone. Just feeling the need to be alone.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Picking up Ravens scent, he smiles at turns in her direction, slowly casting off his clothing piece by piece and leaving them in a pile by the tree. As soon as he stood in the buff, his hands on his hips, he grins wickedly and slowly begins to change, falling forward as his legs alter to the running legs of a wolf, his skin sprouting dark dark fur like a wave. His tail grew out, the fur covering it tidily, his torso expanding and his arms increasing in size and length, claws appearing where his nails used to be. With a shake of his head the change is complete, his dark mane running down his back as he rises onto his hind legs and lifts his muzzle to the sky, letting out a soft howl.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven had been fighting the lycan within her for days now, remembering the slaughter of her caravan nine years ago and then the slaughter last night. The vampire she could live with, but her mind could not accept the lycan. She knew her change was near, she had been fighting it, staying more and more to herself. All the blood and carnage last night was almost more then she could stand, but she once again managed to keep that part of her at bay. So absorbed in her own thoughts she didn't notice Bayne's change, until the soft howl made her sharply turn her head in his direction. She tried to become invisible in her shadowy spot, tried to blend in, coming face to face with his lycan form right now was not what she needed, it was becoming harder and harder to keep the beast she was feeling at bay.*

Bayne BlackRose : ~Turning slowly, Bayne sniffed the air lightly and growled deep in his cavernous chest. "Raven, your change is upon you isn't it. How long have you been suppressing that which is now part of who you are?" his golden eyes gazed up at her, he could almost see the war inside her as her scent markers switched back and forth between woman and beast. he waited to see what she did, knowing nothing could be said to make the experience of the first time pleasant. Bayne stepped back behind the tree, resting one large clawed hand on its trunk, watching her like the predator he was, wondering just which way she would go or even if she would suppress it altogether as she seemed to be trying to do.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven met his golden eyes, the pain showing in the depths of her stormy gray eyes. She couldn't do this, she could no longer look him in the eyes. I can't do this, I can't stay here any longer: she whispered. And in the blink of an eye, she turned and jumped off the wall on the other side and disappeared into the forest surrounding the manor.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Growling to himself Bayne leaps up on top of the wall, following ravens scent. He leaps down and chases her quietly, using all his skill to follow while remaining hidden. He catches upto her quickly and quietly, keeping pace with her as she runs and keeps track of her state of changing by scent alone. He was not going to let her be alone during this, not like he had been.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven ran like someone possessed, the sheer freedom driving her onward, deeper and deeper into the woods. She ran until she could run no more and then she collapsed on the soft forest floor, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks, she looked up at the moon and screamed. Why this, of all the things that I must become, why the one I hate the most, she cried. Her pain quickly turned to anger, I will not do this, I will not let this beast rule me, she screamed, I will destroy myself before I give in, she cried, taking her long nails and digging them into the flesh of her arms, drawing blood.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Smelling blood and seeing her clawing at herself Bayne snarls and leaps at her, bowling her over and pinning her to the ground. "Just what do you think you are doing Raven?! Do you honestly think that will matter? Look at your arm, it has already healed!" Even though he had a muzzle his grip of the common tongue was impressive even i this form, though his voice was far deeper and saliva was beginning to drip . He held her arm by the wrist and showed her where she had been clawing at it. "You see? Because of the vampire and lycan blood you possess your wounds heal as soo as they stop being inflicted." He let her go and sat back again. "I understand your hatred for this change, I did not agree with it my first few times either. But I learned to treat this form as a weapon I possessed to destroy those responsible, and have been doing so ever since." His growl was still deep but when he finished speaking it sounded almost completely bestial.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Hatred flashed in Ravens eyes, not for the man behind the beast but for the beast itself as he held her helplessly to the ground. She knew what he said was true, what ever harm she tried to inflict upon her self would only heal. It was Lycan's that destroyed everything that I knew, everything that I was. I can't let it destroy what is left of me, can't you understand that Bayne, she screamed. I can't do this, I feel it pulling at me, trying to claw it's way out of me, but I can't do this; she cried. It is not the change I fear, it is what I will become once I do change. It is what I will do, I've seen the destruction of Lycan's first hand; she cried, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He stared at her for a moment, then snarled so loudly it could be heard for hundreds of yards in the still night air. "Fool! Do you think I enjoy being this way? Why do you think I wear that accursed clasp all the time, to keep the beast in its cage should I be unable to contain it myself!" He stalked forward, getting closer to her. " Do not think you are the only one that hates having this wild animal inside them, it has taken me over 300 years to tame it as much has I have, and I still refuse to leave my bed without that clasp firmly set in my hair. I run as a Lycan so I can test my ability to tame the beast within myself, not because I enjoy its speed and strength." He got closer still, his muzzle inches from her face now. "Never assume this is something we must like to become. Even Victor loathes his change but knows its strength makes a useful tool when the need arises." He snuffed at her and walked away, turning and sitting on his haunches once more as he watched Raven.~

Raven the Gypsy: *I don't have 300 years to master this beast, if i go on a rampage like the one i witnessed so long ago, i will take my father's silver dagger and drive it into my own heart before I do to someone else what was done to me. If this is what I must become, then chain me in the dungeon until it has past, until i learn to control what is raging inside me or i will end it all; she whispered.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Staring at her he hangs his shaggy head. "To control the beast your will must be stronger than its. If your desire to stop yourself from rampaging is all you seek to master, then perhaps some time in the dungeon would do you well. I can stop you with ease if I must, but there is more to these animals than just raw fury and bloodthirsty killing." He looked up at her, his eyes narrowing. "Surely you of all people will have noticed it, the carnal desires of the flesh, sheer blinding lust.. It is most powerful when i this form." He sat still, waiting to hear her speak again.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven just sat there and stared at him for a while, digesting his words. I have already been controlling the beast Bayne, it has been trying to claw it's way to the surface for days now. I won't let it, because I don't know that I can control it once I let it out. I feel like it is trying to rip me apart, and yes I have noticed the desires of the beast, why do you think I have kept to myself for these past few days. Do you think I have enjoyed not sharing your bed, but I knew if i did i would have even less control then i do now. Do what you must to me, but don't let me harm those that are innocent, I could not live with my self if I did.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He nods his maned head at her words, looking at her with his solid golden stare. "You will harm none.. Even if you lose control you can neither best me in speed nor power, and I can carry you back to the manor for my clasp if it turns out you cannot control yourself in the least. It will force the Lycan back into its cage as log as it is upon your person." He sniffed the air again, trying to discern which was winning, her will or the beasts, but even if she did change he knew enough of the woman to know she will put up a fight to the death. Bayne could tell, if it came to it, she would be the first to throw herself onto a fire or a silver blade should she lose control. The sudden stench of burning flesh wafts into hsi nostrils as he forces the memory of hsi childhood down again.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven looked at him, her eyes stormy. You give me your oath, you swear to me that you will not let me lose control. Swear to me that If I do you will finish me yourself, lover. For know this, if you don't, when I realize what I have done I will do the job myself. Her eyes met his, waiting. I can't hold this thing at bay much longer, and your being her makes it even harder. So swear to me that you will do as I ask, I need to hear your words and know that you mean them. Her eyes pleaded with him as the fight she was fighting showed in their depths.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Staring at her, Bayne reached round his back and unsheathed his silver edged long knife, remembering to keep it on him this time. "This blade will end your rampage within a few instances of it starting. Do not fear lover, you will not suffer if you lose control, and none will be hurt by you either." He put it back, his eyes locked onto hers, knowing the time was soon for her to let herself go. "You have my word Raven, no harm will befall anyone this night by your claws without my consent." He kept watching her, waiting to see if she accepted him at his word, having shown her his knife and knowing that he was capable of doing the deed with as little emotion as killing a stag.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched him, she watched his eyes and she knew that he would honour his promise to her. She took a deep breath before she spoke, I believe you lover; she whispered, her eyes meeting his, she felt the beast clawing at her insides, she felt it's eagerness to run, she felt it's hunger. She turned away from him, not wanting to meet his eyes, she felt his beast calling to hers and she wanted to answer his call. She walked a few feet away before she fell to her knees, still fighting what was inside her. She looked up at the moon, and said a silent prayer, asking that she not become what she feared the most. Then she lay down upon the soft earth and breathed in it's scent, willing herself to be calm. She closed her eyes and breathed in his scent, his wolf, she let the scent over take her senses, she curled her self into a fetal position and let go of everything she had been using to keep the beast at bay, she felt her body began to tremble and then to shake, she knew the beast was near, she could feel it, she held her eyes shut and let it over take her. She felt her insides being ripped apart and she curled into a ball, she did not cry out as the beast clawed it's way to the surface, leaving her body in one sudden change, she knew it was done, she slowly opened her eyes, she saw things differently, the sounds, the smells, she raised her head and then she stood up, she felt alive, she felt and smelled everything around her, she turned and looked at the wolf that watched her and she snarled at him.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Hearing the snarl and staring at the wolf standing before him Bayne growled low. "You have changed, but do you remember who you are?" He spoke i the Lycan tongue, knowing the form she had taken was incapable of common speak. "You must remember who and what you are, if you do not than I will put you down where you are." He didn't reach for his weapon but instead rose up on all fours, his frame held up by his massive sinewy arms and strong hindquarters. He gazed at the sleek black wolf before him ,its silver eyes almost piercing him through to his heart. "Are you there raven? Do you hear me?" He spoke low and even, keeping any emotion from his voice.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched the wolf before her, she heard him speak and that puzzled her, she crouched down low and barred her teeth at him waiting for him to attack her, she listened to his words, but she didn't understand them, she stared at him as he called her name, her name, she stared at him blankly, unable to speak, she looked at the ground, then she laid down and put her head on her paws and waited.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He prowled closer towards Raven as she laid her head on her paws. "Raven, do you remember who you are?" He paused every couple of feet, watching her reactions. "Raven, you hear my voice, now answer me. You are not some wild animal, you are the gypsy woman, this is nothing but another dress for you to wear and cast off as you see fit, whether you do so in your bedroom or some mans." He tried to appeal to the seductress within, wondering if she caught the joke behind his words. He stopped moving forward a couple of feet from her paws, looking down at her with his golden gaze, taking i the scent of the Lycan woman before him.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched him come closer and she listened to his words, she knew who she was but she did not know how to let him know. She did the only thing that she could in this state unable to speak the words that she longed to say, when he was but a few feet from her she wined and then she let out a yelp, and quickly raised her head and met his eyes, pleadingly she stared into his golden eyes and yelped at him again.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He growled lightly at her yelping looking at her carefully. "You may be in the form of a wolf, but if you can understand the words I speak i the Lycan tongue, you should be able to use them yourself. It is a language created for use in these forms." he rubbed his muzzle against hers, letting her know he understood. Bayne nose being more sensitive than normal while i this form traces the scent, nuzzling into her neck some before he stepped away again. "Now speak Raven, try your voice, you may be surprised with yourself." He sat back and watched, wondering what she was thinking.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Ravens ears perked up as he growled at her. She did understand him and she listened carefully to his words. She stayed still as he rubbed against her, skittish in this form she was not sure how to react, she had an urge to flee, but something told her not to move. Her senses were so much stronger, his scent filling her as he nuzzled her neck, she watched him as he moved away. He commanded her to speak and she stared at him, she willed her self to speak in the lycan tongue. The only thing she could think, the one thing that consumed her senses she willed herself to say. I want to run.........*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He looked at her, his tongue lolling out in a Lycan smile. "Then chase me, put that new nose of yours to the test, follow my trail and see if you can find me.." Without waiting for her to respond Bayne turns and tears off into the forest. He zigged and zagged between trees, bounding off them like walls, crossing his own trail several times before rushing forward and back a few times then leaping up into a tree. He howled lightly, telling her to find him, if she could.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched him and jumped up at his words, the adrenaline surging through her. She watched him flee and she raised her nose an scented the air and a howl tore from her throat as she took out after his scent, the need to run overpowering her senses. But another need also, the need to follow the scent, his scent. She stayed on his trail, not nearly as fast as he was but she never lost his scent, even when he retraced his steps, he senses quickly realized what he had done and she followed. She heard his howl and she returned one of her own, she was close, she came to the tree and she jumped up on it's trunk and let out a howl of satisfaction as she spotted him looking down at her.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Looking down as raven finds him Bayne stares at her through his golden eyes once more. "Well done Raven. Now, since you like running so much, see if you can keep up.." He launched himself from the branch, and by the time he landed he had gone from his Lycan form to that of a huge black wolf. Landing lightly on all fours, he looked back at her then started walking away, building up speed until he is running at full speed. Bayne enjoyed the running in this form, it was faster than his other but not as powerful, so he only used it when he needed to cover ground quickly.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven listened to his words, she watched as he jumped from the branch and landed as a huge black wolf, her hackles rose and she hunched down and snarled at the new wolf before her, she sniffed the air and knew his scent. She watched him start walking away and then she watched him pick up speed, she lunged after him, enjoying the feel of the wind as it rushed against her fur, the freedom of running was like nothing she had ever experienced before, she was totally lycan, but she was still Raven, her mind was there even though she could not communicate in this form like she was use to. She increased her speed, not catching him but keeping him in her sites.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Bayne ran in a circuit, checking from time to time that Raven was still following him. He could tel she was only keeping pace, not trying to catch him, but that in itself displayed a fair measure of control in itself. Dodging debris and trees, weaving around and over bushes, leaving his scent for her to follow where sight could not, he kept running until he came back to the tree he had leapt down from. Slowing to a trot then stopping altogether, he sits on his haunches and watches her, waiting until she is before him again before speaking.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven followed him at her leisure, enjoying this game, did he really think her such a meager creature that she could not follow his little tricks. She knew where he would be and took her time getting there. She trotted back to the tree where they had begun, watching him with her silver eyes, she stopped near him and stood there and stared at him. Wondering what he would come up with next to test her, if she could smile she would be smiling right now.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He gazed at her and bared his teeth, saliva glinting in the moonlight. "Now.. We hunt. This is the true test of control, Raven, you must seek out your prey, one of the great stags of the forest. Let your instincts guide you, the beast knows how to hunt, more so than the human mind does. Use your senses, seek one out and end its life as quickly and mercifully as possible. Doing so will also give you time to feed, which with this form sates both Lycan and Vampire blood-lusts." He watched her, wondering if she understood what he wanted her to do.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched him, she listened to his words, the human part of her understood his words as well as the beasts, this was her test, the test to see if she could control her beast, she set there and listened, her mind taking in every word, she understood as the beast that she now was and she understood as the woman she knew she still was. She stood and went to him and snapped at him before turning and taking to the forest, let him do the chasing this time. She was tired of looking at his backside. She was a survivor, she had been on her own since she was fifteen, if he thought she couldn't survive as the beast then he had another thought coming. She could control her beast, she would control her beast.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Watching her calmly as she snapped at him then took off, he mentally smirked. He knew his words had reached the raven inside, or else why would she react in such a way. Taking off silently after he moved like a sleek black moon-shadow. Her scent made his fur tingle as it always had, but he had no time to think like that, catching upto her he stayed down wind of her, seeing if she would indeed use the beast like he hoped or if it would prove too much for her and she would fumble due to her hatred for Lycans. His golden eyes shone i the night when ever the moons light reached them, the blood red moon adding a bloody tinge to them when its light shone on them.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven ran for a while then slowed her pace, she could feel his eyes upon her, she knew he was watching her but staying back, waiting for her to prove herself. She scented the air, she eased unheard, unseen, waiting, listening, all her senses on alert. She neared a small brook, she crouched down and crept towards the water, she saw what her nose already told her was there, she stayed low to the ground, downwind of the stag before her, drinking from the brook. She eased closer not making a sound, she was close enough, she leaped at the stag just as it sensed her presence, she went for his throat, sinking her canines deep, the stag turned trying to loosen her hold but she did not release and his sudden movements only caused her hold on his throat to rip the flesh from his throat, she felt the blood hit her face, she pulled with a strength she did not know she possessed and pulled the stag to the ground, as she tore the throat of this magnificent beast to shreds, she was the beast and she fed as the beast, the flesh and blood of this magnificent animal still warm, she hear him approach and she turned and bared her teeth at him, daring him to come any closer. Blood and fur and flesh, covering her fur, she guarded her kill.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He looked on as she dropped the stag with perfection, surprising him with how easily she had done it. "Well done raven, you have proven you can hunt." He ignored her stance and growls and stalked around her. "Now, feed, rejoice i the thrill of the hunt and in the power you possess, let the stags essence become your own, his speed and reflexes becoming your own as you take from his flesh and blood. This is the way I was raised, we honour the kill as much as our own skill in bringing it down." He sat back and watched her, content to let her have her fill before making a move of any kind. He knew how territorial one could feel over their fist hunt, ti was a natural response and he did not begrudge her the opportunity to feel it, or to feel the pride in knowing she alone brought down this mighty stag herself.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched as he approached, the beast and the hunt and her kill the only thing that consumed her, it took her a moment to register his words, but he did not try to approach or to threaten her, so she calmed and listened, she wondered at what he said, did he expect any less from her, she grew up in the woods as a gypsy, she grew up akin to the earth and all it offered, she did not have a problem with killing for food, she did not have a problem with honouring the beast that gave his life to feed her, she too was raised as such, she was raised as gypsy. She circled her prey until she was facing him, she continued to eat but she watched him for any movement, any threat. Her threat showing in her silver eyes.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He watched her calmly, as still as stone, only his golden eyes and scent giving away he was even there as his body melted with the shadows. "When you have had your fill we had best return to the manor and let you regain your human form. You have proven your mastery of the urges of the beast, now you just have to practice them when ever you have the time, so you can REMAIN in control." He rose up, turning and walking slowly away from her a ways, waiting until she had her fill and was ready to return to the manor. He sat on hsi haunches and scented the breeze, letting the night air fill his nostrils with the scent-images of everything it brought to him.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched him as she ripped and clawed her way at the beast before her, her stag, her kill, she watched and listened as he spoke to her, his emphasis on the word remain made her growl, she had kept this beast at bay until she allowed it to show itself, she had followed his scent, she had taken down her first kill and now she fed upon it. Would she always have control over her beast as she had now she wondered, she snarled as he moved, if she did not then he would destroy the beast that she was, she was confident in the fact that he would honour her promise, that was all that mattered to her. If she failed, he would kill her. If he didn't when she came back to herself she would do the deed herself. She could live with that, she ate her fill, when she was done, she rolled in the scent of her first kill, it was in respect of the spirit that the beast possessed. She approached him slowly, not to close, she eyed him carefully, waiting for some response, she moved closer and then she rubbed her muzzle against his fur and whined meeting his golden eyes, I'm ok, she conveyed to him in their lycan tongue. She turned towards the manor and started to walk back, slowly at first but the need to run quickly overtook her and she bounded in the direction of home.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Taking in her scent as she rubs her muzzle against hi and runs past, he smiles with his eyes the n follows suit, tailing her all the way back to the manor. It was a fair distance they had covered but the way was well known as their scent trails were still strong enough to follow back. He drew up along side her, a pair of sleek black shadows running together through the forest. Growling a little then barking at her he pulled ahead of her, daring her to race him home to the manor. He leaned into his stride, his body a pool of fluid motion.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven knew the way home, she didn't know how but she knew the way. She enjoyed the run with Bayne and she knew he was challenging her. She let him get ahead of her then she allowed the beast in her take up the chase, she quickly matched his pace and stayed along side of him, her much smaller form graceful as it ran along side of the larger black wolf, graceful in his own motions. She nipped and barked at him enjoying the sport, she would bound ahead of him and he would quickly catch her, she knew he was faster and stronger then her, but she knew she could keep up with him.*

Bayne BlackRose: `Bayne would have smiled if it were possible, Raven was clearly enjoying herself and he found he was also. He joined in with her nipping and barking, taking turns to be the leader, just enjoying the freedom of running. Soon enough the walls of the manors courtyard loomed into view. Picking up his speed, Bayne shot ahead of raven, intending to show off by leaping up at the wall, shifting back into his fighting form, his claws finding grips i the mortar as his bulk slammed into it. Pausing no longer than it took to be sure he wasn't falling off he threw himself to the top of the wall, making it look like a very clumsy attempt with the half-distance jump he had started with. Falling over backwards into the courtyard he returned to his normal form, landing lightly on his feet and strolling to where he had left his clothing by the tree at the centre.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven stopped and watched his poor attempt at scaling the wall, she was not so foolish to attempt such a feat. She gracefully loped through the open gate and just stared at the man before her, she laid down just inside the gate and lay her head upon her paws, watching him, waiting, for what she was not sure.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~He watched he sail gracefully through the gate and sighed, a wry samiel on his face. "You have passed all the tests I have for you raven, but one. You must now return to human, showing that you truly understand the difference between both sides of who you are and also to demonstrate your ability to suppress it at will." He leaned against the tree and watched her, wondering how she would handle it.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven watched him and she listened to his words. She enjoyed the feel of the night air on her fur and she enjoyed the freedom of running beside him in the forest, and the hunt and the kill. All these things were good things, she savoured them, as she debated. She could run free as the wolf, free as the gypsy she was, but she was Raven, she was not the beast and she would not let the beast control her, she laid her head over onto her side, she felt her body begin to tremble, then she felt it begin to shake, she willed the wolf to sleep, to crawl back inside her until she called to her again, she willed the wolf to obey her words and to go back to sleep until her time to run again. She felt the cool breeze upon her naked flesh, there was no pain as she subdued the wolf, there was no fight, there was an understand, a calmness about her as she lay there still knowing the wolf was with her, a part of her, but not in control of her, she lay there curled into a tight ball, shivering, her eyes still shut, not really wanting to let go of the feelings she had experienced.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Looking at the now human raven, Bayne walked over to her and picked her up in his arms. "Come lover, let us get you inside out of the cold and somewhere to rest, you must be needing it by now." He carried her inside, knowing that she was either fighting her hate or enjoying the experiences of the night, but either way she was in his arms, curled up tightly, almost like an infant or child trying to ward the world away from her. he carried her into the manor, un to her chambers and laid her down before the hearth, the fire that was always lit i each room filling the air with warmth and light.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven felt his arms around her and she felt safe, she heard his words and she felt content as he carried her. She was so tired, she just curled into his arms, as he laid her before the hearth she looked up into his eyes and smiled, thank you she whispered.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Looking down at Raven Bayne smiles and kisses her softly. " It is alright, if you wish I will stay here until you feel like throwing me out, or i shall let you rest and go search for you clothing which you seem to have lost." He chuckled lightly and brushed hair from her face with his fingers, gazing down into the depths of her gray eyes.~

Raven the Gypsy: *Raven looked up into his eyes, stay with me she whispered, closing her gray eyes, she was so tired, his kiss was light, his touch comforting, she drifted off to sleep in the safety of his arms.*

Bayne BlackRose: ~Smiling softly he lays down with her before the fire, holding her close and inhaling her scent as she sleeps. "I will be here until you no longer need me , lover.." he whispers to her, closing his own eyes and settling down to sleep as well, his arms around her, keeping her safe and close to him, not letting anything harm her.~

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