Raven the Gypsy
Raven BlackRose

Race: Human
Class: Earth Mage
Age: 24
Character Background:
Raven was raised as any other gypsy, traveling from place to place with her caravan. Dancing and singing and entertaining to make a coin. As a gypsy her abilities were developed almost from birth. She was taught gypsy magic and the art of dance, but Raven also possessed a musical voice adding to her talents.
From her father Raven learned the art of knives, and at the age of ten she could throw a dagger and hit her target as well as her father. Her abilities drew many a coin to the caravan. But as she grew from the child into the woman, her allure changed.
Raven was a natural beauty, soft blue gray eyes that stood out against her long flowing black hair. She was tall for a gypsy, standing 5'11" but still possessing all the curves and grace of a dancer. She had the voice of a siren, the body of a goddess, and could throw a dagger better then any man in her caravan. A deadly attraction and one she quickly learned how to use.
At the age of thirteen she already had many a man trying to gain her favor, yet she cared for none. Raven was a free spirit and refused to give up her freedom to any man. She enjoyed their gifts and their attention but none won her heart. By the age of fourteen she had learned the arts of seduction, and none could match her talents.
Raven awoke one night to a sound she would never forget, the caravan was being attacked by a pack of lycans. Raven's father hid her in the woods and told her not to come out. She watched in horror as the lycans destroyed her caravan, her family and her home, leaving her alone and with nothing but what she could salvage from the destruction.

Being on her own since she was fifteen, Raven learned quickly that she had a way of getting what she wanted and needed in this life: simply by her looks and her seductive smile. She traveled from place to place, dancing and singing and breaking many a heart. Her own heart safely locked away in a gilded cage of her own making. She needed no one to survive, and she did quite well on her own.
One night, after fleeing from an over zealous lover who had plans for a future she did not want, Raven slipped into the woods and became lost. Hearing the sounds of a battle nearby, she looked around and spotted a suitable tree, which she quickly climbed. Positioned as she was she was able to see the source of the noises she had been hearing, she closed her eyes, old memories flooding her making her sick to her stomach. She remained there, her eyes tightly shut, her hands over her ears, clinging to a tree branch as high off the ground as she could get, trying to drown out the sounds of a lycan battling with an unknown creature. When the battle was done and hearing the victory howl of the lycan, Raven clung to her post, grinding her hands into her ears to drown out the dreadful sound, unable to move.
It was not long before she heard the sound of someone approaching, her eyes still tightly shut she hoped she had not been seen. She willed herself to blend into her surroundings, like a frightened child she clung to the tree, eyes tightly shut, hoping that what she could not see, could not see her. A soothing voice bid her come down; she opened her eyes to see a handsome man with long red hair. He beckoned to her, but early on Raven learned to trust no man, and her natural instincts told her not to trust this one. At his promise to show her the way out of the woods she eased out of the tree, her fathers silver dagger carefully hidden within the folds of her gypsy skirts.
It was not long before the mans arrogance had her anger flaring and she refused his help and stormed past him, her anger drawing her magic, a strong wind began to rise around them. He grabbed her and she sliced his arm with her dagger, drawing his true rage. He gave her a choice of life as one of his kind or death. Raven being the survivor that she was, naturally chose life over death. His definition of life was that of a vampire/lycan hybrid. But he offered her more, he offered her a home and a family, something Raven had lost long ago and had missed dearly. This is the story of how Raven the Gypsy became Raven BlackRose.

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