Raven's Induction

This is an actual role play between two characters. Therefore it has not been edited from the original text as posted during the role play itself. So please excuse any typos and mis-spellings you may encounter.

VictorBlackRose: ::Victor was wandering through the Mist Wood Forect on his nightly prowl. The forest's namesake, the mist, was rising all around the trees maiking it difficult to see in the dark.  The Blood Moon was shining through dark clouds overhead, It's crimson beams piercing through the canapy at certain intervals, causing the forest to seem as if it were unfire. Victor was weraing his usual hunting garb, the Kilt-Like toga that concealed his body from his hips on down to his shins. His Bradon Katana was sheathed securely off his left hip.  A Bauldric was stretched tightly across his chest and up over his right shoulder, where a pualdron was protecting his shoulder, and secured by the bauldric on his back was his Enchanted Long Sword, Soul Shredder.  His sensitive elven ears twitched as twigs and leaves crunched and crackled under his thick, black leather boots, pushed on by his long legs into a steady, graceful stroll.  His nostrils flared at the scent of the forest, the soil, and...something else. This something else he could determine was heading his way, and it wasnt any beast he had ever scented before. He crouched to the ground, allowing one palm to rest upon the soft, moist earth, while his other hand gripped the hilt of his katana as he lay in wait::

RavenBlackRose: *Raven found her self lost in a forest, it was a strange night. She looked back on the events of the day and how she ended up here. Fleeing from yet another over zealous admirer she slipped into the woods. Now she wished she had faced him for he seemed less of a challenge the the one she had wandered into. The mist was rising and the red moon cast an erie glow on the trees around her. Her dagger in her hand, yet hidden in the folds of her skirts, she trudged on, not really going anywhere.*

VictorBlackRose: ::As the creature came into view, Victor let out a low rumbling roar, no doubt giving away his position...but that was the plan. Victor liked to play possum alot. As such he let his eyes wash over this intimidating creature. Horns sprouted from this 8 foot tall...thing's stark white hair and curved back and down towards the back of the mutant's cranium. It's face was angular and resembled that of a man mixed with a ram. The chest and arms were that of a man, albeit a huge man. And the creature's legs were that of a monstrous-sized goat, with cloven hooves. The beast had pure white, pupiless eyes, a stark white beard. and was dressed in some foreign armor, who's origins were unknown to Victor. The would-be prey stomped ever closer to victor until he was a mere few feet from Victor's position. And now was a better time than ever according to Victor for him to launch his attack. Springing from his crouched position, Victor let the scream of his blade sing through the air as the metal against metal song ripped through the forest tranquility. Just as Victor attempted to strike at the beast's abdomen, the beast parried the attack effortlessly with one of it's own blades and drove the hilt into Victor's nose, shattering the cartlidge into pieces and a spray of blood::

RavenBlackRose: *Raven heard a roar of some sort, she immediately croched down, her senses on allert, she waited and listened, not moving a muscle.*

VictorBlackRose: :: Surprised at the creature'sswiftness, Victor rolled from his newly found position face first inthe dirt, just barely avoiding a crushing blow from a hoof as itimpacted into the soil. Victor let out a loud snarl and was back on hisfeet, licing his katana at the beast like a maniac, and managing tosever one hand clean off at the wrist, causing the monster to have onlyone remaining weapon..or so Victor wrongly assumed.  A sharp headbuttfrom the creature was well aimed into Victor's chest causing him to flyback a few feet and slam into a large oak tree, the bark falling to theground along with Victor's body::

RavenBlackRose:*Raven heard the sounds of a scuffle in the distance, she found asuitable hiding place and waited for the sounds to go away, the lastthing she needed this night was to walk into the mist of a battle ofsome kind.*

VictorBlackRose: :: Pickinghimself up off the ground once again, Victor was ever persistant inpursuing this formidable opponenet, Time after time Victor would movein slicing at the beast and parrying it's well placed chops which sentvibrations down Victor's balde and his arm. Finally, the blade waswrested from Victor's grip with a powerful slicing motion from theLarge beast, but in effect the creature also lost his wepaon in theprocess and now they were both without blade. Victor, stripping himselfof his baldric and taking a defensive crouching position, let out amenacing snarl as Claws ripped through the tips of his fingers like 10razor sharp daggers. The Ram-Beast merely laughed and with a back handmotion to Victor's face, sent victor into the dirt once more.::

RavenBlackRose:*Raven was starting to worry, the sounds she was hearing did not soundgood, she did her best to blend in to the forest, hoping the soundsremained in the distance.*

VictorBlackRose:::Victor, beyond enraged now, climbed to his hands and knees as theBeast stalked into the woods to retrieve it's sword. During this time,Victor began to undergo a transformation of sorts, not quite sure whatwas happening at first he let out a menacing snarl of pain. His bonesbegan to shift and reconfigure with audible snaps and cracks asVictor's body collapsed in pain. Writhing on the earthen floor inimmense distress, Victor snarled and growled fiercly while clawing atthe ground. His Jaw was even forced into a new dimension as rows uponrows of carnivorous teeth pushed themselved into place tearing his gumsapart and allowing the blood to flow. At the taste of his own blood,Victor realized what was happening, it was the Lycan portion of hisstrain finally kicking into effect due to his rage. Just as the thoughtoccured to him, Victor lifted himself up to his knees and watched inamazement as crimson and black hur sprouted from his once porcleinwhite skin.  His muscles began to knit over and grow in size untilfinally he was in his wolf Lycan form and a loud howl was emitted fromhis bloody, drooling maws. His eyes opened and they were the same Pitchblack pools of darkness, flashing with the crimson lightning that washis rage::

RavenBlackRose: *Raven had heardenough, she looked around and spotted a suitable tree, which shequickly climbed. Positioned as she was she was able to see the sourceof the noises she had been hearing, she closed her eyes, old memoriesflooding her making her sick to her stomach. She remained there, hereyes tightly shut, her hands over her ears. clinging to a tree branchas high off the ground as she could get.*

VictorBlackRose:::Climbing unsteadily to his feet for a moment, he gripped a tree trunkfor support with his head down and his eyes blinking. His vision was somuch clearer, but at the same time, color meant nothing to him anylonger. His ears twitched with sounds from the under brush and hisnostrils flared with the blood flowing from the creature he had beenfacing. He turned to tend to his unfinished buisness now, running in afull sprint and leaping into the air he let his hind paws dig into atree trunk and use the force of his legs and momentum of his weight topropel him through the air towards his fumbling victim. Just as thecreature turned to face Victor, Victor brought down his massive arm,raking his newly equipped claws across the beast's face, tearing fleshfrom the monster's bones and shredding one of it's eyes in a gush ofthick, pinkish white gunk that was eye matter. As soon as Victor's feetplanted on the ground he lifted his other arm and raked his claws upthe man's abdomen , chest and throat in one swipe. The beast fell tothe ground choking and tryingt o hold his slippery bowls within it'sstomache as gurgled and flailed painfully.  With a howl of Victory,Victor turned away from the beast and dropped to his knees with hishead hung low, willing himself mentally and physically to return to hisVampric form. And eventually, as the fur slid back beneath his skin,the bones snapped and shifted back into their natural state, and hisbody shrunk back to his normal size, Victor lay on the ground shiveringand naked. His body slowly but surely returning to his natural form:

RavenBlackRose:*Hearing the howl, Raven clung to her post, grinding her hands into herears to drown out the dreadful sound. She knew the battle was over yetshe was unable to move.*

VictorBlackRose:::After a few brief moments Victor jumped to his feet, feeling a bitexhausted but quickly regaining composure. He went to where his togahad come unraveled and readorned it, picking up his bauldric andreplacing it upon his chest. Then he retrieved his katana, whiped itclean on some large moist leaves and sheathed it at his hip again. Strange, he had figured it wouldnt hurt as much as all that. Hedistinctly remembered Maliara saying something about it being a numbingeffect...but then again, Victor was much older...perhaps his senseswere just more attuned to pain in his old age. He shrugged it off andbegan his trek through the woods, his feet bare and covered in mud andtop soil. He growled at the thought of having to go into town after newboots now. His eyes were trained to his surroundings as he walked. Ashe neared an outcropping of trees, his nostrils flared to the scent ofblood...human blood. His mood was soon improved as he slowly crept to the tree where this scent had wafted down to him from

RavenBlackRose:*Raven looked at the man towering over her. A slowsmile touched herlips. Surrender she smiled, preparing herself for theworst, Isurrender to no man sir, she almost spat her words at him, hatredflashed in her eyes. Too many times had she been at the mercy ofmenstronger then her. She stood her ground. waiting for what she didnotknow.*

VictorBlackRose: ::He noddedandfinally a smirk twitched at his lips as he spread his hands outtoeither side of him and tilted his head to her in a bow:: "Ah,butchild, i had hoped you wouldnt surrender... it makes ismuchmore....delicious, when mortals struggle" ::With that hegrinnedallowing her to take notice of his Vampiric fangs moments beforehelunged forward with one hand going towards the wrist of her righthandand the other hand going towards her throat not with intentionsofmurder, but with intentions of restraining her against a tree::

RavenBlackRose:*Ravenseeing the fangs, knew she was outmatched, but she would not godownwith out a fight. She turned so that he was unable to grab herwrist,but he did manage to grab her by her long slender neck. She methis eyeswith defiance, and her right hand struck out with the onlything ofvalue she had ever owned, her fathers silver dager cut intothe flesh ofhis arm, a smile upon her lips as she met his eyesdefiantely.*

VictorBlackRose:::He snarled asthe silver blade dug into his flesh, his hand that hadclutched herthroat gave a shove harshly against the tree that stoodbehind her, hishand going to the wound at his arm, his eyes followinghis hand, thenlifting up to her surprised for a brief moment thenenraged, his eyesflashing with the crimson lightning. He let out a lowgrowl and walkedtowards her with and reared back his arm then releasingit towards herface in an attempt to back hand slap her to the groundwith onepowerful swing:: "I hadnt wanted to kill you...entirely...but imaychange my mind yet you insolent child"

RavenBlackRose:*Ravenwas stunned as she was shoved against the tree. She saw theanger flashin his eyes, and she heard it in his voice. She braced herself for whatshe knew was coming. When she saw him raise his hand tostrike her sheinstintively brough her hand up and shielded her face,this was not thefirst time she had been struck and the movement hadbecome secondnature. She waited for the blow she knew was to come.*

VictorBlackRose:::Hereleased the swing but rather than her face, he swung his hand tothehilt of her silver dagger in an attept to knock it from her grip,Thenhe stepped forward and placed a hand on her hip to press herbackagainst the solid tree trunk as his eyes drifted over her lustfulyandthen settled on her neck:: "Again...you have one last choice.  Youcaneither join me as a new addiction to my coven..and my family...asisterof the dark you would be.  Or you can refuse this gift...and iwillsimply drain you dry and leave your corpse to rot where it falls."::heleaned forward letting his lips brush against her neckbeforewhispering huskily into her ear. His blood lust beginning to takeit'stoll:: "Make your decision quickly now child"

RavenBlackRose:*Ravenwas surprised that he did not take her head off but only unarmedherinstead. She had never felt so helpless, she hated that feelingmorethen anything in the world. She stared into the eyes of this manas shepondered what he said. The feel of his lips against her necksent chillsthrough her still shaking body, his breath warm against herear as hewhispered to her. She did the only thing she could do, herlast plea forsalvation, she slipped her arms around his neck andleaned her body intohis. I am not a child; she whispered melting intohim.*

VictorBlackRose:::He wrapped an armaround her waist to hold her up as he opened hismouth and sunk hisfangs into her neck, piercing her flesh right whereher main arterywas, allowing the blood to fill his mouth, he closed hiseyes and drankheavily from her coffers, his free hand moved to craddlethe back ofher neck. Because of his sylivia's numbing effect, thisprocess wasntas painful as it was just scary to most mortals..although,some hadfound it arrousingly erotic as well. He continued to feed offherquickly, filling himself with her legacy and refilling whatendurancehe had lost earlier during the battle. He had taken hersurrender as asign of her compliance and willingness to be brought intohis brood andVictor was indeed a man of his word. She would infact diethisevening...but she would be brought back as a vampire/lycan hybridjustas quickly::

RavenBlackRose: *Ravenfelt hisarm around her waist, then she felt the fangs sink into herlongslender neck, her life blood flowing from her body, she though backtoher childhood, before the lycans had masacared her family asshewatched helplessly. She though back to all that she had done tosurvivesince that time. The last 24 years passed before her as the lifebloodslowly left her body, she leaned into him, allowing him to supportheras she floated, as she drifted into darkness.*

VictorBlackRose:::Feelingall her blood, nearly every drop being drained from her bodyhe pulledaway and bit his tongue with his fangs, allowing his ownblood andsyliva to mix, then darting his tongue against her wounds,they wouldstitch together immediately as if they had never been made.Then tiltingher head back, Victor opened his mouth wide and chompeddown on his ownwrist, ripping out a pretty good chunk of meat andveins from his bodyand spitting it to teh ground. Forcing her lipsapart he pressed hisgorey wound to her mouth and held her head back towhere the thick,warm, ancient blood would slide down her throatunhindered....as theblood ran down her esophogus and into her belly,her body would adapt tothe foreign entity and a desire for this mealwould grow in the mortal'sbelly. This victor knew..and he only waitedfor nature to take it'scourse::

RavenBlackRose:*Raven felt atpeace for the first time in her life, the darkness thatenveloped herwas inviting, reasuring, welcome. But something washappening, somethingto disturb this peace she had finally found.Something strange wasstiring inside her, making her feel sick, shefelt the blood run downher throat, she felt it chur in her insides,stiring something she didnot understand, her eyes fluttered open, shelooked up into the eyes ofthe man who had given her this peace and wasnow taking it from her.Anoyance flashed in her eyes.*

VictorBlackRose:::Hechuckled some at the look in her eyes and nodded withunderstanding andspoke to her softly.:: "Now is not your timedearest....you still haveyet to live...much to experience.And muchwork to be done." ::He leanedin and gently placed a kiss on herforehead as he allowed her to drinkjust a bit more, then removed hiswrist from her mouth and allowed it toheal on it's own:: "Welcome, tothe family sister.  You are now aBlackRose...and as such, you willcarry yourself with the appropriatedignity...and pride. Stand up" ::ashe said this he left his arm aroundher waist only long enough for herto regain strength in her kneesbefore he released her and wentrummaging around in the leaves besideher::

RavenBlackRose:*Raven felt strange,she looke at the man who stood before her. Sheprocessed his words, hecalled her sister, he offered her a family. Hegave her a name. Once shecould stand she stood proud and looked at himas he rummaged around inthe leaves. Wondering what he was searchingfor. Wondering at everythingaround her, she felt alive, really alive,a slow smile touched her lipsas she watched the man before her.

VictorBlackRose:::Retrievingwhat he was searching for, Victor turned back to her andpresented thesilver dagger she had cut him with earlier. And if shecared to notice,the wound on his wrist that he had made himself wasnearly fully healedalready, but the wound made by the silver knife wasstill bleeding, as amortal's wound would have been.:: "You droppedthis i blieve?" ::Withthat he slid an arm down her back and at thesmall of it, to guide herinto a walk beside him and towards the treeline:: "Come, you must meetyour brothers and sisters.  They will bejoyed to meet you RavenBlackRose....I am glad to have you in ourhome." ::As they neared thetree line, the silhouete of the BlackRoseManor was clearly visible toanyone who bothered to look::

RavenBlackRose:*Ravemstared at him as he handed her her fathers dagger. She took itan lookedat the damage she had caused him. She reached out and touchedhis cheekas a single tear slid down her face. Thank you she whispered.She raisedher skirt and replaced the dagger in it's sheath hidden ather thigh,showin her long shapely legs. When she was done she lookedat him andsmiled. Raven allowed him to lead her home. Home that was a word she had forgotten.*

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