Drake Eternal

Race : Changeling ( Dragon / Human Hybrid )

Age : 25 ( Estimated )

Physical Characteristics :


Height : 5 foot 11 inches

Build : Lean

Hair : Long Straight Black

Eyes : Green to Gold (Depending on mood)


Height / Length : 17 feet (Including Tail)

Wingspan : 20 feet tip to tip (Extended)

Colouring : Dark Violet /Black Scales

Eyes : Golden Serpentine

Fire : Light Electric Blue ( Icey )


Born in an unknown place at an unknown time, his only memories are that of bloodshed and war. In fact, he has barely any memories at all, almost complete amnesia plagues him, except for one very annoying fact. He remembers everything there is to be remembered about what he is, his race, his creed, all of it.
How ever, he has no memories of who he is, where he is from, or any sort of personal details about himself or his identity. It is the strangest thing about his type of amnesia, he has retained every facet of information there is to possibly know about his people, the half-Dragon half-Humans, known as Changelings, yet anything about himself he is completely a blank about. Even then, most of his memories remain locked away, only to be recovered, should the numerous and severe injuries he has, none that he can recall recieving, ever be healed.
To this day, he wanders the Human world, seeking answers to questions he does not know, for ever pulled by some sensation he can not describe, in search of something he can not describe. During his travels he was helped free many Dragonkin that were bound by Man into various forms of slavery, and each time he finds one such beast in trouble he thinks the pull will end. But it continues to lead him on, away to something, someone, somewhere that only he can find. What ever it is, he hopes it holds the answers to the questions he has, and maybe the questions to the answers he already knows. His possession are only the clothes on his back, the sword by his side, and a crest, a Wyvern on a red flower-shaped background, the crest of the Changelings.


These will help give you an idea.

Above : Drake Eternal ( Concepts )

Below : Drakes Crest / Drakes Full Dragon Form

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