Race: Vampire

Age: Unknown (Appears to look 20)


Height: 6 foot 3 inches

Build: Lean

Hair: Long Black & Straight

Eyes: Crimson


Born of noble blood, Demetrius was just the average child before he was changed. Demetrius was born in a remote part of Europe. When he was young, he was taken in the middle of the night by a clan of vampires. When the dawn broke, his parents found him missing and blamed the rival kingdom, causing a large war. For 18 years the war raged, during the war Demetrius was trained in the art of the sword, in magic, and the assassin ways. On his 20 th birthday, the elder vampires decided to make him one of them. Once he was changed, his medium-length hair grew, his eyes changed from icy-grey to crimson. His canines and bicuspids grew to fangs his dark skin turns pale. When he awoke he was changed. The process had finally finished. It was a new beginning.

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