Bayne BlackRose

Race : Blood Demon / Lycan / Vampire

Class : Rogue

Age : 327


HEIGHT : 5 foot 11 inches

BUILD : Lean

HAIR : Medium Length Black Wavey / Straight

EYES : ( Irises ) Dark Brown w/ Green Streaks

( Whites ) Dark Blood Red

LYCAN / WOLF : Dark Black Fur with Golden Eyes


He was born the son of a Blood demon nobility. A few months after his birth, members of a Wendigo Lycan clan came to his family from the frozen north, seeking aide. They sought the power the Blood Demon race held, the ability to manipulate dark energy as they saw fit. The father refused, it is fatal for Blood Demons to be turned, the process of becoming Lycan would kill them, leaving the pack as weak as it was before trying. The Lycans could smell the new-born infant how ever, so they asked that they take the child, surely one so young could survive the transition, or be harvested of enough of its blood over time to be of use. In return for this, the Lycans would be forever in the Blood Demon's debt, and would willingly serve the family as loyally as any hound served its master. The mother refused. She would never hand over her first-born child, or any child, to a pack of Lycans just so they could harvest its blood. The father ordered the Lycans to leave their home and never return with such plans. The Lycans did indeed, leave, but not for long. Both parents charged their most loyal aide to take the child from the house and out of Blood Demon lands that same night. And that same night, the Lycans returned, howling for blood. As the savage beasts decimated the family and all who served them, the aide took the infant far away, to the forests of the Wood Elves. It was here that the Lycans caught up with the pair, a small party of the creatures had been sent to retrieve the child, and had followed its scent out of Blood Demon lands. Despite his best efforts, the servant fell to the Lycans, but not before killing all but one. That one was led away from the child, in the vain hope it would not be found. The sole surviving Lycan of the search party killed the servant, but was too injured to find the child so soon after battle. Instead, a Wood Elf by the name of Giralas Swiftthorn found the infant, its screams leading him to the scene of carnage. Seeing that the child was umharmed he took it up and made to return to his village as fast as he could. Unfortunately for Giralas, the Lycan had recovered enough to search for its prize and soon caught up with him. The skirmish was as bloody as it was brief. The Lycan and the Elf tore each other apart, Giralas' silvered dagger cutting the beast, its blood spraying all around the small clearing they fought in, but the Lycans claws rended the Elf's flesh, sending droplets of his blood flying through the air also. It soon became apparent that the Lycan would lose the fight, the wounds it had received from the silvered dagger were too numerous and too great to simply shrug off. Rather than die fighting, it chose to limp away, disappearing into the forest, never to be seen again.
{ To Be Continued..}
[ Story Line the character is part of can be found here ]


Above : Bayne BlackRose

Below : Bayne's Wolf Form / Lycan Coloring

Below : The Jewelled Clasp / The BlackRose Family Dagger

Below : Syndicate of Shadow Longknife and Crest

Below : Dark Wolf and Dark Phoenix - Summoned Beasts

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